[IBL] BAL Sand Crabs Pre-Cut Flyer

Doug Palmer aeronutty43 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 13:25:25 EST 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.....children of all ages....

Before the Sand Crabs wave good-bye to some players, hand them their gift
baskets and watch them become productive Wal-Mart greeters, thought we'd
toss out a flyer.  There ARE some pieces that may be valuable to someone
(if not Wal-Mart)

First, it appears that I'll have some 6th round picks (and later)
available.  If you're interested, let me know.

As for players...

Available for a song:

BAL Flaherty (good defense, no bat, late inning replacement kind of guy)
CIN Negron (was hurt last year in CIN minors, a bit old to be a prospect,
but certainly potential)
MIN Schafer (some defense, had speed, no bat)
MIA McGehee (slash of 198/264/274, decent defense)
BAL McFarland (nice long lefty.  Had 40 IP and a 1.7 WHIP)

Of the lot, McGehee might cost ya a 5th.

Now, I've got a couple pieces that might be enticing to someone

BAL Paredes
NYN Tejada or CHN Castro (maybe....I'm on the fence).
MIN Mauer

First, Paredes.  His card should be damn good next year.  His slash line
was 275/310/416.  Man, those first couple months of the season last
year.....wow.  He's a DH guy as you'd be better off putting a cardboard
cutout of Kate Upton out there rather than Jimmy.  I'm looking at him as a
DH/late inning pinch hitter next year.  He's only 26, so his time may still

NYN Tejada/CHN Castro.  Are you looking for a full-time shortstop?  Because
I have two (and the sneaking suspicion that Machado is heading to short
very soon and that Castro is destined for either 2nd base or another team
where he will be a 2nd baseman).  Of the two, I'm more tempted to deal
Tejada.  Comparing the two, they're nearly identical

Castro:  265/296/375, 15.7% K-rate, 25 years old
Tejada:  261/338/350, 17.2% K-rate, 26 years old

And, of course, Tejada broke his leg in the playoffs.

So I'd like to see what, if anything, Castro or Tejada might draw.  I'm not
certain to deal either, but I'm listening to offers.

MIN Mauer is on the market simply because I have KC Hosmer in front of
him.  But a great DH option with a  265/338/380 line and 666 at bats.  Not
as much power as he once had, but there will be far worse DH's in lineups
next year!.  Again, I'm not desparate to deal, I have a decent lineup set
for next year.

I'm looking for decent picks and/or power.  #1 on my list to Santa this
year is a bat that might get a dinger or 20.  I only had 5 players with
double digit home runs last year!  And only HOU Rasmus had more than 15!!
So if you have a guy with power, preferably one who can play the outfield,
I'm listening.

Thank you for listening!

Doug Palmer
Sand Crabs Ringmaster
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