[IBL] KAT trade flyer - CarGo & some bit parts

Michael Neff tuneloon513 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 19:26:56 EST 2015

KAT is fielding offers for Carlos Gonzalez.  We can use him at DH next
season if we want (Polanco will play RF for us), but we figure we might be
able to deal him to help us out at other areas of need.

We also have a few marginal players that we may cut or may keep, so we'll
throw them out there to see if anyone want to trade an upgrade of a
mid/late pick for them.  They are...

Maxwell SF - Should have a good defensive card at the corner OF spot
(qualifies at both) and can play a few games in CF.  Bat is, well, pretty

Bass TEX - .269/.323/.433 numbers in Texas with only 5 HR in 64 IP and he's
only 28.

Gomes TB - .248/.302/.437 with a bit of gopherballitis (10 in 59 IP) with
reverse splits (.192/.273/.354 vs. LH).  We may keep him and use him like a
LOOGY, but could move him at a reasonable cost.

As for what we're looking for, our pressing needs are 2B & C, but we're
looking for picks or young prospects just about anywhere that improves
us.   We have 2 8th round picks that we don't plan on using as well.  Drop
us a line to inquire/discuss.
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