[IBL] Throwing Gas On The Hot Stove

Chris Hartjes chartjes at littlehart.net
Fri Nov 13 12:39:58 EST 2015

As I prepare my off-season plans (the draft is only scant weeks away)
I'm ready to do some retooling of my team.

The big thing I'm thinking about moving is one of the best starting
pitchers in MLB -- LAN Greinke.

So what do I want for him? Well, my team is a bit thin on the
impact-position-player side so I'd be looking at acquiring a Tier 0 pick
at a minimum OR young talent that would likely go in Tier 0 if they were
available. Steep price for a bonafide ace? Not really.
Add in another pick (2nd round, 3rd round) and we probably have the
makings of a deal  Otherwise I'm content to see if I can cobble together
a team to squeak into the playoffs or just start Greinke all year on
short rest.

If you're looking at my roster, I think we can safely say the following
pieces are going to stick around

NYA Gregorius (unless I get a Tier 0 pick I can use to draft a SS)
DET Cabrera
TEX Odor
TB Odorizzi
CLE Salazar
TOR Sanchez

I'm not overly concerned about the position of potential pieces in a
trade involving Greinke, as the only position I'm really overloaded at
is 1B.

I need PA at 3B (about 250), 2B (about 150), C (about 200), and 400+ at
the corner outfield positions.

I wish to move one of PIT Alvarez or SD Alonso -- three first-basemen
are enough and I will likely need the DH slot to rotate people around to
get usage.

Let's see if we can't make something happen.

  Chris Hartjes
  chartjes at littlehart.net

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