Kevin Greenberg greenbergk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 16:39:42 EST 2015

Hello Boys! I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

At least on an interim basis.  For the offseason, or at least until we find
a permanent owner, I'm going to care take HAV.

I HAVe not looked closely at the roster, so I don't really know what I

I HAVe not made cuts, but I will.

I HAVe no intention of trading the tier 0 first round pick.

and I HAVe no intention of sticking around next season -- I know my
schedule precludes me from managing a team in season.

That said, I HAVe every intention of being an active owner through the
offseason so we can hopefully launch the team back into contention

And thanks to Sean for bringing HAV through the season.

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