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All of the playoff spots have now been decided.
By winning their final game of the season, the New Jersey Riptide claimed thesecond AC Wild Card spot.  The race for that second spot was hotly contested,as the Riptide finished with 84 wins, Portland 83, Williamstown 82, Tri-State 81,and Baltimore 80.
In the NC, Oaksterdam claimed the NC West by defeating Seattle in a one-gameplayoff by a score of 7-4.
The playoff schedule is posted here and will be regularly updated:http://wiki.ibl.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/2015-playoff-schedule
The LA Devils of Palo Alto host the Riptide in the AC Wild Card series.The Southern Kentucky Hilltoppers host the Casper Ghosts in the NC Wild Card.
After the Wild Card round, the #1 seeds in each conference (Philadelphia andMinneapolis) will choose whether to face the Wild Card winner or the #3 seed(Chicago and Canberra) in the Division Series.
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