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Joel Roberts joelproberts at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 20:14:48 EST 2015

CAN has some mid-level fill-in-a-hole kind of players that may be of interest. We have a surplus at 1B, 2B, CF, SP, RP and are looking to move:
SEA Morrison 1B -- Will have decent platoon splits vRH after SEA park adjustment. Just traded to TB where he will slot into a vRH platoon, probably.
SD Spangenberg 2B -- Good young player with a job and a future. Trapped behind Cano for me, though.
ATL Maybin CFTEX Venable CF -- Both decent options to plug in to CF, nothing special.
TEX GallardoBOS Miley -- Neither are top shelf, but both are durable inning eaters who will protect your bullpen.
BOS Machi -- If you look past the ugly ERA he has amazing reverse splits. (530 ops vLH) 
HOU Qualls -- 46/9 K/W, good reverse splitsLAN BaezCHN Ramirez -- UC 16, pitched well at the end of the year, still a prospect.
Not looking to either give these guys away (except some of the RP) or asking for the world. Spangenberg and the SP are probably the most expensive of the bunch...
Looking to trade my picks up, most likely. I also need a part time C for next year and perhaps a part time RF. 
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