[IBL] ODM Trade Flyer Wits End Editon

Alex Campbell arc213 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 00:34:18 EDT 2015

Going into the new season, I expected to be competitive in the NC.

This has not been the case, primarily because the ODM offense has just been
plain bad and unlucky.   The slash lines for some of my expected horses

Josh Donaldson 179/252/310
Alex Gordon 174/274/304
Justin Morneau 256/285/368
Adam Eaton 238/319/297

I still think ODM can be a factor in the playoff race.  And I have lots of
chips to trade.

Looking for really good relief pitching cards.  And one or two playoff
eligible zoid pinch hitter cards.  If you have anything that fits the bill,
please get in touch and I will make an offer.

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