[IBL] NC chances

Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Tue May 19 10:42:06 EDT 2015

Trading of some good-great cards I have hasn't happened so far, and since
the NC appears muddled, I may as well take the opposite route and see what
is available to improve my team for a chance at the playoffs.  I have 3
extremely good SP and serviceable #4 guys, so I'm mainly looking for

I'm looking for improvements at CF, 3B, SS, 1B, C, and RP (could use at
least 2 good ones), and I'd be looking for better range all over the field
with the exception of 1B and 2B.

I have some prospect types (Singleton, Colon, Profar, Jeffress, Yates), my
current players at CF, 3B, SS, and 1B,  and all of my draft picks to deal
(including 2 picks in each of the 3rd, 5th, and 6th rounds).

Future value is unimportant if I'm going to make a run at the playoffs, but
don't expect my #1 pick for a 38 year old.

Let me know if you think we have a match somewhere.

-Brent (GTY)
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