[IBL] 2 players available...

Jed Rosenthal jedrosenthal at gmail.com
Sun May 17 22:58:56 EDT 2015


I have two veteran scrubs that I would like to trade - sooner rather than
later.  Best offer I can stomach and you can have one or both:

CLE Swisher     44/113/69   72/111/134
Swisher has 66 DL days, so maybe you'll luck out and get him injured.  He
has AV power vs RHP and is 0/I at 1B.

NYA Beltran     68/92/130   82/132/146
Beltran has 32 DL days.  He is 0/J/+1 in RF.  Ex power vs RHP.

Both guys are wasting away on my roster - maybe you'd like them to waste
away on yours?

- Jed
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