[IBL] Newsletter 05-15-2015

Russell Peltz peltz38 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 09:29:31 EDT 2015

All results in except CSG and SEA.  SEA requested and was granted
an extension.  No missing boxscores.

BAL    -- Signs CHA Bassitt
-- Deactivates BAL Flaherty, BAL McFarland, BAL O'Day, BOS Kelly, LAA
Conger, PIT Tabata
-- Activates BAL Brach, CHA Bassitt, CHN Arrieta, DET Davis, MIN
Suzuki, WAS Espinosa
-- Releases KC Collins
BOW    -- Activates MIN Santana, NYA Huff, OAK Cook
-- Deactivates PIT Hughes, SEA Bloomquist, TOR Redmond
CAN    -- Trades CAN#4 (16) to SDQ for SDQ#5 (16), SD Venable
-- Releases ARI Spruill
-- Activates BOS Cespedes, SD Venable, SF Peavy
-- Deactivates LAA Shoemaker, SD Maybin
COU    -- Activates TB Colome, TEX Fielder
-- Releases LAN Figgins
-- Signs ARI Bolsinger
-- Deactivates NYA Sabathia
CSG    -- Activates CHN Grimm
-- Deactivates DET Lobstein
GTY    -- Signs HOU Chapman
-- Signs TOR Santos
-- Releases BOS Ranaudo, COL Chacin, TEX Scheppers
-- Deactivates BOS Ross, MIL Jeffress
-- Signs SEA Young
-- Activates BAL Wieters, KC Colon
KAT    -- Releases ARI delaRosa
-- Signs ARI Pacheco
-- Deactivates BOS Wilson, LAA Cron
-- Activates CHA Nieto, COL Belisle
MAD    -- Activates ARI Ross, CLE Salazar
-- Deactivates BOS Victorino, NYA Kuroda
MCM    -- Activates DET Suarez, NYN Herrera
-- Deactivates CHA Semien, NYN Young
NJR    -- Deactivates BOS Badenhop
-- Activates TB Peralta
ODM    -- Activates SF Susac
-- Deactivates TB Hanigan
PAD    -- Activates BAL Hunter, MIA Hand
-- Deactivates BOS Napoli, TOR Happ
PHI    -- Activates NYN Eveland
-- Signs NYN Eveland
-- Signs PIT Rodriguez
-- Releases CHN Schlitter, TB Casali
-- Activates ATL Floyd
-- Deactivates CIN Hoover, MIA Cosart
POR    -- Deactivates DET Alburquerque, LAN Beckett
-- Activates LAA Grilli, SF Cain
SDQ    -- Trades SDQ#5 (16), SD Venable to CAN for CAN#4 (16)
-- Activates SD Almonte
SEA    -- Deactivates MIL Garza
-- Activates TB Cobb
SFP    -- Deactivates NYA Prado
-- Activates CLE Ramirez
SKY    -- Deactivates CHN Alcantara, PIT Volquez, TEX Chirinos
-- Activates ARI Gregorius, CHA Putnam, MIN Milone, PIT Stewart, WAS Span
-- Releases HOU Qualls, TEX Ross
-- Signs MIN Colabello
-- Signs MIA Bour
-- Releases CHN Szczur
-- Signs CLE Raburn
WMS    -- Activates BOS Buchholz, CHN Turner
-- Deactivates SF Arias, TB Smyly
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