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I'm hoping to move HOU Sipp and/or MIN May before the deadline tonight.
I'd also like to move TOR McGuire.

Sipp has a very good card especially considering no DF.  He's a borderline
keeper type, but given his age, I doubt any owner would keep him into next
season.  That would give him 146 BF left for the year.
I'm looking for a 4th rounder.

MIN May has a decent card, but does have fairly large DF ranges.  That's
mitigated though if you have a large park.  He's having a nice comeback
season for the Twins, with only 2 HR given up in 32 innings and more than a
K/IP.  He's only 29, and should have good years ahead of him.  I'm looking
for a late 3rd or early-mid 4th rounder for him.

TOR McGuire is a young prospect C with a great ph type card this year.
He's not playoff eligible but might make a difference in your tight playoff
race.  He's a decent prospect though, with a good defensive outlook and
excellent arm.  Looking for a 5th-6th rounder.

A couple guys I forgot to mention in my flier, but would be willing to
discuss:  CHN Happ and MIA Brinson - I still believe in them, even though
they are both in the minors right now.  Willing to discuss options.

If you are interested in anyone from my flier, I'm happy to discuss my
valuations as far as draft picks.


Brent Cunningham
Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club

On Sun, Jul 7, 2019 at 5:44 PM Brent Cunningham <
gettysburg.generals at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just a reminder that I have some nice players/cards available that
> contenders might be interested in, including some younger guys that might
> appeal to rebuilding teams.  I'm willing to package players to get higher
> picks or a better player at a position of need in return.
> TEX Profar - Av/Vg power, runs and steals, durable, SS/3B/1B full time
> eligible, can fill in at 2B.  Full time 2B in MLB this year.
> CHN Russell - F range at SS, runs well, fairly durable.  2B and backup SS
> in MLB this year, hitting really well lately to get his numbers to league
> average.
> PHI Herrera - Av/Vg power, runs well, low HG, runs well, H in CF but -1
> arm, and F/-1 in the corners with starts available at both.
> OAK Pinder - Vg/Vg power, solid 5/E/0 in the corner OF spots, can play 2b
> too.  Platoon guy in MLB right now.
> HOU Kemp - Great defense with 9/D/0 in the corners, can start full time in
> LF/CF (9/G/0 in CF), r/s/j of 1/9/1, Vg bunter, fairly durable, doesn't K
> much.  Solid spark plug guy.
> SF Longoria - Vg/Av power, solid hitter, low K's, low HG.  33 and
> declining a little, but still very good, especially vL, and a nice 20 HR
> bat in MLB.
> TOR McGuire - Need 49 PA's from a lefty to pinch hit against your division
> rival or wild card competitor?  Can get 28 appearances so can come in to
> hit once or twice a game for you to steal a couple games away.
> I'll keep the pitching part short:
> SF Watson - 83/83/96 vL, 78/81/98 vR, 6/C, Vg hold, only a few DF and 3
> double, and 3 walks on his card.  He can also pitch multiple games before
> needing rest.  This is one of the better lefty RP cards that's going to be
> available.
> LAA Alvarez - 77/110/112 vL, 90/136/123 vR, Av hold, durable, only a few
> DF, and low walks on his card.  This is a really great lefty card and
> probably one of the better that's going to be available.
> HOU Sipp - 60/107/96 vL, 77/131/136 vR, ZERO DF, lots of K's, fairly low
> BB, Vg/01 hold.  A really nice lefty card, but he is 35 and probably has
> about 35-40 appearances left.  Still a nice value.
> STL Gomber - Solid spot starter with lower DF, low-ish BB, Vg hold.  Good
> middle relief type too, 42 appearances with 19 starts left.
> MIN May - Decent card, especially in a large park, with a ton of K's and
> low BB numbers.  Having a nice come-back year in MLB.
> TOR Reid-Foley - Spot starter or long reliever, OK card, young guy though
> with lots of potential.
> All of my SP is potentially available, but I'm likely to keep ATL Fried,
> TB Glasnow, NYA German, and MIA Alcantara.
> *What I'm looking for:*  Draft picks.  Young players, especially at SS,
> CF, and possibly a 2nd catcher.  Maybe a 3B and LF.  More young SP and RP.
> Thanks,
> Brent Cunningham
> Owner/Manager
> Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club
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