[IBL] KAT annual sellers trade flyer

Michael Neff tuneloon513 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 19:10:45 EDT 2019

As is the routine almost every year (10 years in the league, 1 playoff
appearance), KAT is moving into seller mode.  On the plus side, my lineup
for next season is looking potent, so there is hope and I'll be looking to
contend next season.

*What I'm looking for*

SP & picks - I have 2 healthy SP for next year (Bundy & Cashner) and really
need to improve my rotation.  I'm in solid position at C (Garver,
Maldonado) IF (Cron, LaStella, Newman, Moncada) and OF (Santana, Dahl,
Blackmon, Meadows, Dyson) as well as some nice RP (Workman, Wittgren,
Britton).  I'll consider non SP, but that's where my only glaring weakness

*What's available*

*Starters - I'll only trade one*
SP Holland SF (57/109/73 & 94/139/179) - A solid SP card who's especially
tough against LHB.  His value next season is nothing, so he's of no use to
me other than eating innings.

SP Eovaldi BOS (105/117/169 & 102/102/161) - He's hurt until after the All
Star break (in both IBL & MLB), but could be an option as a solid starter.

SP Manaea OAK (86/113/133 & 96/103/171) - Out for a few weeks in IBL and
recovering from TJ surgery in MLB.  His numbers are too good for me not to
consider dealing him, but he's only 27 and is still of high value to me.

*Non SP*

RP Dominguez PHI (31/88/50 & 22/65/30) - A dominating RP card that is
wasted on my team.  He's injured currently but has 24 IP and is only 24.

IF Descalso ARI (84/167/166 & 69/172/155) - Can play full time at 2b or 3b,
although not great at either (6F & 8J).  He does get on base though and has
pretty even splits.

SS Hechavarria NYA (134/145/161 & 104/107/137) 9E defense at ss and hits
decent vs. LHP with no future value.

OF Polanco PIT (82/139/185 & 82/144/185) 8G in RF with a decent card and
struggling with injuries in MLB this season.  I have enough depth at the
position that he could be moved.

O'Hearn KC (56/115/195 & 108/181/307)  brutal bat vs. RHP who can play full
time at 1b but is best as DH.  He's struggled in MLB this year and is
currently back in the minors but his bat could help a contender.

Freese LAN (145/195/227 & 133/174/211) Zoid card eligble at both 1b & 3b
(7E & 2E).  He should have a great card for next season as well (only at
1b), so I'm not really looking to deal him, but his card is wicked and I
could move him in the right deal.

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