[IBL] IBL: CAN postseason trade flier

Joel Roberts joelproberts at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 05:59:06 EST 2018

Going into the draft, CAN has a surplus of C and RP and is looking to deal a couple of pieces:
1. We have four catchers, which is one or two too many. 

CLE Gomes 103 OPS+,  decent CS stats.SD Hedges 94 OPS+,  OK CS stats, young and improving.NYN Mesoraco 95 OPS+, mediocre arm, hit much better with NY and appears to have a piece of the job there.
ATL Rivera Just a backup and not playoff eligible, but 800 OPS vRH and threw out 41% of opposing basestealers. If you need a late round spot catcher anyway, you could do worse.

I rank them Gomes > Hedges > Mesoraco >> Rivera
I'd ask for the following:
Gomes #2, Hedges #3, Mesoraco #4, Rivera some later round pick.
2. OAK Rodney
Still doing his time-defying thing. He had interesting reverse platoon splits last year, in that RH killed him but he shut down LH. Has a job lined up next year doing more of the same.
I'd ask a mid-to-late pick for him.
He's the guy I want to move, but I am prepared to discuss others (Crick, Davis, Yates, Strahm) if the price is right.
Looking for:
Picks, another SP, a decent RF or CF, vLH bats
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