[IBL] BAL Trade Flyer (yes, there are pieces left)

Doug Palmer aeronutty43 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 11:53:47 EDT 2018

As the Crabs go from respectable to unwatchable, there are still some
pieces that might be of interest.

Chris Davis sucks.  Yeah, but the week sitting has done him some good.  He
will NOT get usage with me, but there's time for you.  A lousy 5th round
pick and Crush is yours.  Otherwise, your competition will get him for free
when I dump him on the FA pile

Whit Merrifield.  The kid's card is awesome this year and he's a bonafide
starter for the Royals (who suck).  He's stuck behind Altuve with me.

Relievers: Givens, Solis, Britton.  Not bad cards.  Looking for prospects
or something around the 3rd round.

Might even deal Altuve, who knows.

Let me know

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