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Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 19:26:56 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I've received an offer of what will be a late 2017 #1 pick for TEX Andrus.
I'm considering dealing him, but could also keep him for one more year
while my "shortstop of the future" Addison Russell develops more

Here's some info on Andrus:

His card this year is very good, with 119-152-169 vL, 106-141-144 vR.  He
has 4/E defense, with a run-jump-steal of 5-3-9.  He's durable (9/0), and
can bunt too with 59/Ex/4.  Very few (~15) K's vs. each side, and very few
HG's too.

On top of all that, he's still only 27 and having a great year in MLB too -
on pace to match or exceed every counting stat, with increases across the
board on his slash line, and fewer errors on defense.

The offering owner and I have a mutual understanding that if I considered
dealing Andrus, I would first be making him available to the whole league
to see what other offers I might get. This doesn't mean Andrus is
definitely getting dealt, but I will listen to offers for him.  Any offer
of course would have to be better than the one on the table.  I'll consider
good young starting pitching or a right fielder, but would probably rather
go with draft pick compensation.

There's no time limit for me as far as offers, as I'm still debating the
merits of trading him anyway.  If you'd like to discuss an offer, catch me
on irc or via email.


Brent (GTY)
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