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A quick update - I've received a couple of intriguing offers for pick 1-7.
It seems silly to not at least listen to offers, so if anyone is
interested, offer away.  There's still a very slim chance that I deal the
pick though.


On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 7:48 PM, Brent Cunningham <
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> Looking toward the 2016 season, GTY has a solid team, but one that isn't
> without holes to fill to be a serious playoff contender.  Here's a quick
> summary by position, along with trade possibilities at each:
> *Catcher -* I have only BAL Wieters on the roster, and he isn't a 162
> game starter, so I'll be looking for depth through trades.  Obviously a
> great hitting card would be nice, but if a mediocre hitter is available
> that has a great arm rating, I'd be interested.
> *First Base -* BAL Davis is the starter for me, but depending on his RF
> range, I might play him there instead; he's full-time eligible there too.
> With HOU Singleton and SEA Montero as back-ups, I'd need to trade for a
> good 1B if I am going to play Davis in RF.  I'd be willing to trade
> Singleton (24 years old) or Montero (25 years old) if someone is looking
> for young players that have the talent to develop into valuable guys.
> *Second Base -* I'm in pretty good shape here, with COL LeMahieu (King of
> the Singles!) and WAS Espinosa.  I'd consider dealing Espinosa, but then
> I'd need to find a back-up other than KC Colon (who I could also deal).
> Espinosa has some versatility in that he can play (on a limited basis) at
> 1B, LF, SS, and 3B also.  Looking to the future, I have TEX Profar that I'm
> hoping will come back strong (hitting well as a DH in the AFL so far).
> *Shortstop -* TEX Andrus is currently my starter; he finished a little
> below his career norms except in the slugging category, with his career
> best HR output.  I'd consider dealing for a playoff eligible shortstop that
> can hit righties better than Andrus, but considering the PA's I have to get
> Andrus, the other guy would have to be lower PA's or a 1 year card that I
> wouldn't keep.  I'd also consider dealing Andrus in a package for a shot at
> one of the several SS's in the draft.  At the very least, I'd like to
> acquire another backup.
> *Third Base -* My lone guy here is TB Longoria.  Had a couple mediocre
> months in MLB this year, but still had a very nice year overall.  He's much
> better vL than vR in IBL next year, so I'd like to find a guy that can play
> some vR for me too.  Espinosa serves as the backup here too.
> *Outfield -* Not quite as spectacular as last year, but CLE Brantley is
> still a top LF, and he's eligible in CF for IBL too in 2016.  I might need
> him to do exactly that, as TB Jennings spent a lot of time hurt in MLB.
> I'd definitely consider dealing for a good CF.  In RF, I have a platoon of
> MIN Hunter, SF deAza, and CHA Shuck; deAza and Shuck will both serve as
> backups at the other positions also.  I'd like to possibly pick up another
> versatile outfielder with good range, and wouldn't mind a better RF option
> also.
> *Starting Pitching -* Barring a trade, my top 3 are set with CHN Lester,
> KC Cueto, and WAS Zimmermann.  LAA Wilson should have an improved card and
> will serve as the #4 guy, but is an injury risk.  KC Young is currently my
> #5 guy.  Ideally, I'd like to pitch Young in bigger parks and have a better
> #4 and #5 guy on tap for the inevitable Wilson injury and to cover for
> Young's lower BF availability.  LAA Skaggs is UC16 and available if someone
> wants him.  He performed well before getting hurt, so I'm looking for a
> good recovery when he comes back.
> *Relief Pitching -* I need some depth here, and could use another really
> good card or two.  I have LAN Jansen, MIL Jeffress, PIT Gomez, LAN Howell,
> and CLE Shaw currently.  I definitely need another lefty or two.
> *Draft Picks -* Like everyone else, I'd like to acquire another #1 draft
> pick, or an early #2.  I'm willing to trade pretty much anyone, but likely
> wouldn't deal BAL Davis, COL LeMahieu, or CLE Brantley unless I'm getting a
> great return.  I'm not likely to trade my #1, but it's a possibility if I
> get a star type player at a position of need (CF, RF, SS, C).  I also have
> the following picks - 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 10.  The 9th and 10th
> rounders are available if anyone is going deep in the draft and needs them.
> Email me or catch me on irc if you have any ideas for trades.
> -Brent
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