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Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:48:04 EST 2015

Looking toward the 2016 season, GTY has a solid team, but one that isn't
without holes to fill to be a serious playoff contender.  Here's a quick
summary by position, along with trade possibilities at each:

*Catcher -* I have only BAL Wieters on the roster, and he isn't a 162 game
starter, so I'll be looking for depth through trades.  Obviously a great
hitting card would be nice, but if a mediocre hitter is available that has
a great arm rating, I'd be interested.

*First Base -* BAL Davis is the starter for me, but depending on his RF
range, I might play him there instead; he's full-time eligible there too.
With HOU Singleton and SEA Montero as back-ups, I'd need to trade for a
good 1B if I am going to play Davis in RF.  I'd be willing to trade
Singleton (24 years old) or Montero (25 years old) if someone is looking
for young players that have the talent to develop into valuable guys.

*Second Base -* I'm in pretty good shape here, with COL LeMahieu (King of
the Singles!) and WAS Espinosa.  I'd consider dealing Espinosa, but then
I'd need to find a back-up other than KC Colon (who I could also deal).
Espinosa has some versatility in that he can play (on a limited basis) at
1B, LF, SS, and 3B also.  Looking to the future, I have TEX Profar that I'm
hoping will come back strong (hitting well as a DH in the AFL so far).

*Shortstop -* TEX Andrus is currently my starter; he finished a little
below his career norms except in the slugging category, with his career
best HR output.  I'd consider dealing for a playoff eligible shortstop that
can hit righties better than Andrus, but considering the PA's I have to get
Andrus, the other guy would have to be lower PA's or a 1 year card that I
wouldn't keep.  I'd also consider dealing Andrus in a package for a shot at
one of the several SS's in the draft.  At the very least, I'd like to
acquire another backup.

*Third Base -* My lone guy here is TB Longoria.  Had a couple mediocre
months in MLB this year, but still had a very nice year overall.  He's much
better vL than vR in IBL next year, so I'd like to find a guy that can play
some vR for me too.  Espinosa serves as the backup here too.

*Outfield -* Not quite as spectacular as last year, but CLE Brantley is
still a top LF, and he's eligible in CF for IBL too in 2016.  I might need
him to do exactly that, as TB Jennings spent a lot of time hurt in MLB.
I'd definitely consider dealing for a good CF.  In RF, I have a platoon of
MIN Hunter, SF deAza, and CHA Shuck; deAza and Shuck will both serve as
backups at the other positions also.  I'd like to possibly pick up another
versatile outfielder with good range, and wouldn't mind a better RF option

*Starting Pitching -* Barring a trade, my top 3 are set with CHN Lester, KC
Cueto, and WAS Zimmermann.  LAA Wilson should have an improved card and
will serve as the #4 guy, but is an injury risk.  KC Young is currently my
#5 guy.  Ideally, I'd like to pitch Young in bigger parks and have a better
#4 and #5 guy on tap for the inevitable Wilson injury and to cover for
Young's lower BF availability.  LAA Skaggs is UC16 and available if someone
wants him.  He performed well before getting hurt, so I'm looking for a
good recovery when he comes back.

*Relief Pitching -* I need some depth here, and could use another really
good card or two.  I have LAN Jansen, MIL Jeffress, PIT Gomez, LAN Howell,
and CLE Shaw currently.  I definitely need another lefty or two.

*Draft Picks -* Like everyone else, I'd like to acquire another #1 draft
pick, or an early #2.  I'm willing to trade pretty much anyone, but likely
wouldn't deal BAL Davis, COL LeMahieu, or CLE Brantley unless I'm getting a
great return.  I'm not likely to trade my #1, but it's a possibility if I
get a star type player at a position of need (CF, RF, SS, C).  I also have
the following picks - 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 10.  The 9th and 10th
rounders are available if anyone is going deep in the draft and needs them.

Email me or catch me on irc if you have any ideas for trades.

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