[IBL] POR flier

George Blas glblas7 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 21:15:18 EST 2015

Not planning a ton of moves here but throwing it out there:

TOR Estrada, NYA Tanaka, SEA Iwakuma, STL Lackey all had good to similar MLB seasons...I’ll entertain moving some for other SP options if there’s any kind of fit that’s realistic. 

back-end SP

NYA Nova
SF Hudson
both did ok vRH, not as good vLH


DET Alburquerque 
255/356/444 vLH
277/361/326 vRH

STL Broxton
326/376/456 vLH
226/298/423 vRH

DET Avila - down year but still .355 OBP vRH and can get you 200 ABs or so, also a bunch of 1B starts 

PIT Morse - down year at 231/313/336 but did hit better with Pirates 

MIA Ozuna wasn’t as good as last year…CIN Pena and CLE Perez were average type catchers...no need to move them but maybe you have an interesting proposal.

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