[IBL] IBL BAL 2016 Releases and Team Designations

Doug Palmer aeronutty43 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 17:18:32 EST 2015

Sand Crabs no more (released players)
BAL Flaherty
CIN Negron
DET Worth (usage)
MIA McGehee
MIL Schafer (usage)
MIN Schafer
BAL McFarland
CHA Noesi (usage)

2016 designations
BAL Joseph 4th Round (15)
BAL Machado Trade KAT 12/12
ATL Markakis Trade GTY 05/13 (WAS BAL)
BAL Paredes Free Agent 09/14
CHN Castro 1st Round (11)
NYN Cuddyer Trade GTY 06/15 (WAS COL)
DET Davis Trade GTY 12/14
HOU Altuve Trade MAD 12/14
KC Hosmer 1st Round (12)
MIN Mauer Trade GTY 06/15
MIN Suzuki Trade MIN 07/12
NYN Lagares 4th Round (14)
NYN Tejada Trade SFP 09/15
HOU Rasmus Trade GTY 12/14 (WAS TOR)

BAL Brach Free Agent 07/14
BAL Britton Trade GTY 06/13
BAL Gausman 2nd Round (14)
BAL O'Day Trade MAD 12/14
BOS Kelly 6th Round (13)
CHN Arrieta 3rd Round (11)
BOS Porcello 1st Round 10 (#2)(WAS DET)
DET Sanchez 1st Round 07 (#9)
SD Kelley Trade GTY 12/13 (WAS NYA)
CHA Robertson Free Agent 05/10 (WAS NYA)
PHI Giles 2nd Round (15)
PIT Cole 1st Round (14)
SD Ross 4th Round (13)

Doug Palmer
Baltimore Sand Crabs
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