[IBL] NJR's All-Star studded trade flyer

Mike Monostra monostram1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 16:52:19 EST 2015

Hello all,

With our starting lineup aging and pitching staff looking like a dumpster
fire in 2016, NJR is looking to jump start their roster with an influx of

This means we're putting some major pieces on the trade block this
offseason. None of these are must trade players and I'd be more willing to
keep all of the below players than trade them for what I deem to be
below-market value price, so read carefully:

*TOR Tulowitzki* – Five-time All-Star and very good hitter at a
light-hitting position. Didn't hit great after last summer's trade but was
still one of the top-5 SS in MLB even with a lesser slash line than
previous years. Bonus: he was mainly healthy and will be available for a
mostly full season next year. Great for a team with a high draft pick and
is just one SS away from breaking out.


   - A top 10 1st round pick is a MUST (do not bother if you don't have
   - A combination of at least two other pieces: can be draft picks in the
   2nd-4th rounds or prospects at SP, catcher, 1B or SS.

*SF Panik* – Another 2015 All-Star. Hit 312/378/455 last year and hits both
LHP and RHP. Decent fielder as well. Very young and lots of years ahead of
him, so he will not come cheap.


   - A 2016 1st round pick is a MUST (unlike Tulowitzki, doesn't have to be
   - Another draft pick in the 2nd-4th rounds or prospects at SP, catcher,
   1B or SS.

*STL Holliday* – Yet another 2015 All-Star (sensing a theme here?) Doesn't
hit more power anymore, but has put up OBP numbers near 400. Limited in the
field and was injured for half of last year, but still likely has a couple
good seasons left in him.


   - A 2016 1st round pick and an additional pick in the 3rd-4th round or


   - Two 2nd round picks, can be 2016 or 2017

*OAK Reddick* – A solid RF against RHP. Platoon guy, will never hit LHP,
but puts up 820 OPS against RHP annually and can run the bases and field
well. Simply decided to move forward with ARI Inciarte in RF. Both are
similar players, so one should go.

Cost: 2nd round pick or comparable prospect

*SF Pagan* – A bargain bin option. Didn't have a very good MLB 2015, but
throwing his name out there if someone wants to take a flier on him.

Cost: 4-5th round pick

Other players: I'm willing to discuss anyone else as well. I'm open to
talking about any pitchers not named Familia. Hitters, the five above are
the big fish, but feel free to inquire about anyone else.

NJR Mike
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