[IBL] SEA Offseason Trade Flyer

Matt Sivertson mattsivertson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 16:44:05 EST 2015

I'll jump in the hot stove fun.

Everyone seems to be looking for catchers and we happen to have 3 good ones!

SF Posey
OAK Norris
MIA Realmuto

I'm unlikely to trade Posey but I'd listen to offers. I'm getting a lot of
interest in Norris & Realmuto and at least one of them could go.

MIN Plouffe/SD Headley - We've got 2 good 3B, one could go. I'd love to
trade one of these guys for a similarly valued CF or LF

MIL Gennett - If anyone needs a 2B

I'm not quite sure yet if I'm looking to compete or build next year, so I'm
open to all kinds of return.  My biggest needs either way are CF/LF because
I don't have a lot there other than patchwork, and if I decide to compete
then SP. If I decide not to compete I'll end up having SP/RP for sale

Inquire within!

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