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Doug Palmer aeronutty43 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 07:35:40 EST 2015

Sand Crabs get an early holiday present as 3 of their infielders win Gold
Gloves last night!!  Congratulations go out to....

1B Eric Hosmer
2B Jose Altuve
3B Manny Machado

Each won a Gold Glove last night and all were highly deserved (although I
agree that Altuve robbed Kinsler).

And yet....why am I absolutely POSITIVE that each of them will have D-F
ranges and error ratings of 7-5 on the cards next year?! LOL  And I'm also
just as positive ALL IFR rolls will go to Starlin Castro at short! LMAO

Congrats to the Playoff Participants!  Just watch out next year :)

Doug Palmer
Baltimore Sand Crabs Head of PR

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Alas, another Baltimore Sand Crab season comes to an end.  But, unlike
previous seasons, this one saw the Sand Crabs playing meaningful games
right up to Week 26!  The Sand Crabs also set a personal record as the 80
wins was the most for any Sand Crab team and it was the most for the
franchise since they were in San Jose and known as the Canusis.  The 2001
San Jose Canusis won 95 games, and to nobody’s surprise, nobody on that
roster in 2001 are still with the team.

Back at the start of the season, when I previewed the 2015 Sand Crabs, I
was thinking that I had a .500 ballclub.  And, if you count the two losses
that I took that could have been forfeits, I nailed the prediction!

The late season acquisitions of Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer and Casey
McGehee didn’t pan out as well as I had hoped, but I don’t think that it
hurt us in the long haul.  Of the three, probably only Mauer and Cuddyer
will be retained while Casey and his .198/.264/.274 slash line for next
season will probably be tossed overboard.  At least Cuddyer hit a bit this
season and won’t be a liability on the Crabs next year.  Mauer?  Potential
trade bait.

Sand Crab personnel are already looking forward to 2016.  Jake Arrieta is
all set to take the ball for opening day with Gerrit Cole and Anibal
Sanchez ready for games 2 and 3.

And while I’m still a Tier 0, an opportunity to snag a bat early in the
draft.  Sure I have Manny playing every day at 3rd, but wouldn’t Kris
Bryant look good in Sand Crab mauve and teal?

Congrats to all of the playoff teams!  Thank you to all of the owners who I
got to play and everyone I got to banter with.  The IBL is a great group of
guys and some of the most knowledgeable baseball guys around (some of the
most opinionated guys I’ve met too!).
Counting the days until IBL 2016!

Doug Palmer
Baltimore Sand Crabs GM/Owner/Donut Salesman
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