[IBL] important playoff info

Sean Sweda sweda at ibl.org
Fri Nov 6 11:16:40 EST 2015


The schedule can be found in the Constitution on the Wiki. The AC has 
home field advantage in the Championship Series (odd year) and will
be using Schedule A.  The NC is using Schedule B.

If play-in games are necessary they will be played on the off-day
following the end of the season (day 1 of playoff schedule).


>From Section 2.2 of the Constitution:

The manager of the team winning a playoff series is responsible for
submitting a complete GRS (including boxscores, play-by-play, and
pitcher/limitation usage) to the league officers and all other managers
of playoff teams prior to commencing the following series. Failure to
comply will result in IP penalties.

NOTE:  The winning team is responsible for sending a full GRS, even if the 
participants have emailed individual game results out to the league.


I have updated the injury reporting system to make it possible to track
injuries that occur in the playoffs.  If your playoff series has injuries
please report them in the same format as the regular season and I will
manually insert them into the database.  The usage & starts/limits reports
only grant injury credit for regular season days missed, so you do not
have to worry about playoff injuries impacting usage.

NOTE:  Please list the first DAY of the series that the injury takes
effect (not GAME of the series).  Take note of the off-days in your
series when determining the day.

The injuries page on the site should include all injuries that are currently
affecting the playoffs:


I'm pretty sure the code I wrote handles all situations properly, but there
may be an edge case that I haven't considered.  If you notice any problems
let me know ASAP.


Unlike the regular season, players who are DTD in the playoffs are allowed
to make a DTD roll on every playoff day, including off days.  If a player
is DTD between series he gets a DTD roll on every day between the series.

Example:  A division winner has a player listed as injured through playoff
day 5, DTD on playoff day 6.  That team's division series does not start 
until playoff day 9.  The injured player would get DTD rolls for playoff
days 6/7/8/9, and would receive +1 on days subsequent to failed rolls.

An injured player must pass his DTD roll before he can play, there is no
automatic expiration like the regular season.


If you want to change your playoff roster you must first send a request
to the league officers and receive approval.  Once approved, you should
inform your opponent and update your roster on the Wiki:


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