[IBL] tiebreakers

Sean Sweda sweda at ibl.org
Mon Nov 2 12:57:58 EST 2015

2.2.2   Standings and Tiebreakers

Standings will be based on winning percentages with ties decided by
tiebreakers or a one-game playoff.  The IBL will use a one game playoff
when a playoff spot is at stake between the teams that are tied. 
Tiebreakers will be used when all the teams that are tied are guaranteed
a playoff spot.

Tiebreakers are used to determine home field advantage or to sort teams
into division winner and wild card(s).  The tiebreaker for division
winner is determined prior to resolving any other tiebreakers. 
Tiebreakers are based upon winning percentage.

The tiebreaker order is: 
1) head-to-head record (round-robin record if 3+ teams)
2) division record (conference record when teams are not in same division)
3) road record
4) coin flip

here are the simple cases (2 teams tied):

PAD holds tiebreaker over NJR (head-to-head record) for wild-card seeding
POR holds tiebreaker over PAD/TRI (head-to-head record) for wild-card seeding 
NJR holds tiebreaker over BAL (head-to-head record), POR/WMS (conference record) for wild-card seeding 
BAL holds tiebreaker over POR (head-to-head record), WMS (conference record) for wild-card seeding
WMS holds tiebreaker over POR/TRI (head-to-head record) for wild-card seeding 
TRI holds tiebreaker over BAL/NJR (head-to-head record) for wild-card seeding 

SEA holds tiebreaker over ODM (head-to-head record) for Home Field in potential game 163 for division title
CSG holds tiebreaker over SKY (division record) for wild-card seeding

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