[IBL] SEA Trade Flyer

Matt Sivertson mattsivertson at gmail.com
Wed May 27 00:56:59 EDT 2015

Despite our lofty expectations for this season SEA is off to a very
middling start so we're looking to either buy to try to make a run or sell
to build for the future.  As it is we're not looking so great for next year
so I'd first like to explore adding to see if we can make some improvements.

Our biggest needs are at CF and 1B (or possibly catcher if there was a
really good catcher available that would allow Posey to play 1B).  I'd
consider a good SS, LF,  or DH upgrade as well.

Some things we've got for trade:

MIN Trevor Plouffe: He's actually got a 3.5 WAR card this year by being
pretty good at everything (109/168/189 Fr vs L and 92/142/160 Vg vs R with
6/F at 3B), but he's been fantastic in MLB so far this year hitting
.276/.356/.481 and he's leading the league in 3B RZR at and middle of the
pack in OOZ so his range should be really good and he's made just 3 errors.

NYA Mark Teixeira: Tex seems to have rediscovered his stroke this year,
hitting .243/.365/.588 with 14 HR so far. Like Plouffe his defensive
numbers are looking great as well.

OAK Derek Norris: Norris already has a really good card this year
(120/203/181 Av vs L and 102/183/138 Av vs R), and he's hitting well again
this year .278/.316/.444 in SD Petco. He's even leading the league in CS.

I've also got all my picks next year as well. If you think you we might be
a match please let me know.

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