[IBL] WMS Trade Flier

Andrew Selder aselder at me.com
Fri May 1 16:30:41 EDT 2015

Pieces for contenders this year:
LAN Turner - Stud card, no defense
WAS Werth - Great OBP card
LAA Iannetta - Solid catcher with 200+ blues v both sides

Further down the road:
Thing are looking crowded for WMS moving forward:
I have:
  5 full-time OFs (Harper, Ellsbury, Cabrera, Werth, Trumbo)
  2 full-time SSs (Crawford, Bogaerts)
  1 full-time DH  (Morales)

That's 8 guys for 5 slots. Probably at least of Crawford, Bogaerts, or 
Morales will have to go at some point and then one more guy on top of 

Most likely scenarios:
Werth and Morales get traded, Bogaerts becomes the DH moving forward
Werth and Crawford get traded, Morales DHs

These decisions will probably be made at the end of the season, but feel 
free to make offers along these lines if you are interested.

Draft picks
1b for 2016 and beyond
catching help for 2016 and beyond (my 3 catchers are a combined 13/111, 
OPSs of 321, 368, and 427)
maybe 2b upgrade as it looks like Gyorko isn't figuring it out.

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