[IBL] Newsletter 05-01-2015

Russell Peltz peltz38 at gmail.com
Fri May 1 08:42:54 EDT 2015

Enjoy your week off!  Please have all results and boxscores through week 5
in by the end of the off week -- Monday, May 4.

Week 6 results are due Monday, May 11, and the next transactions will be
due May 12.

CAN    -- Deactivates MIL Gallardo
-- Activates STL Miller
COU    -- Activates NYA Sabathia, STL Wacha
-- Deactivates MIL Peralta
-- Deactivates ATL Avilan
KAT    -- Activates SF Sanchez
-- Deactivates HOU Marisnick
-- Activates COL Gonzalez
-- Deactivates COL Rosario
MAD    -- Signs KC Hendriks
-- Activates ARI Harris
-- Releases TB Balfour
MCM    -- Activates CLE House
-- Deactivates ARI Marshall
MNM    -- Releases CHA Noesi
-- Signs MIN Pelfrey
-- Activates TEX Wilson
-- Deactivates KC Cain
NJR    -- Deactivates CHA Flowers, PIT Locke, TOR Gose
-- Activates ARI Inciarte, MIN Pinto, SEA Leone
NYK    -- Releases TEX Choice
-- Signs LAA Green
ODM    -- Activates CHA Sierra
-- Deactivates CHA Eaton
PAD    -- Activates TOR Happ
-- Deactivates SF Affeldt
PHI    -- Activates CIN Hoover, LAA Beckham, NYN Carlyle, SEA Taylor
-- Deactivates COL Brown, HOU Petit, LAN Kershaw, TEX Sardinas
SEA    -- Deactivates NYA Young
-- Activates CHN Ruggiano
SFP    -- Activates HOU McHugh
-- Deactivates NYA Phelps
SKY    -- Activates CIN Simon
-- Deactivates TOR Stroman
TRI    -- Releases DET Dirks
-- Activates LAA Buck
-- Deactivates PIT Martin
-- Signs LAA Buck
WMS    -- Deactivates ATL Bethancourt, COL Lyles, STL Gonzales
-- Activates ATL SimmonsS., TOR Janssen, TOR Thole
-- Releases LAN Ellis
-- Signs TOR Thole

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