[IBL] NJR looking for starting pitching

Mike Monostra monostram1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 13:54:23 EDT 2022

With the season past the one-third mark, it's clear NJR's biggest weakness
is the lack of depth at starting pitching. We're open to flipping some
pieces/picks for an extra arm to fill out the rotation. Looking more for
2022 value than future, though a long-term option is welcome.

What we have to offer:
KC Lopez/SF Crawford - Neither SS has done much with the bat in MLB2022,
but both have very attractive cards for this year for team needing a SS
upgrade. Will only deal for an equally attractive pitching card.

WAS Hernandez
139/162/210 vs. LHP
129/157/176 vs. RHP
Solid bat that can be a nice upgrade for a team with a hole in LF if you
can swallow the poor defense. Also works as a solid fourth outfielder and
late-game pinch-hitter. Numbers are down a bit in MLB 2022, but has some
short-term value as a fourth outfielder.

TOR Stripling - Card is ugly for IBL 2022, but has been effective in MLB
2022 (.527 OPS vs. LHB, .633 OPS vs. RHB) and now appears to have a
rotation spot in Toronto with Ryu's season over. Great opportunity for
rebuilding team looking to contend in 2023.

Picks: Still have my top four picks for 2023 and willing to deal any of
them. However, will expect a very good return for my #1 or #2 with next
year's rookie class looking stacked.

Inquire within,
NJR Mike
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