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At the 1/3 mark of the season I am trying to determine the future for a number of players. Please get in touch asap if you want to discuss any of the following players or anyone else: 

Available for talks:

HOU Gurriel - a great option if you need a 1B, batting champ with lots of hits/obp, almost no Ks, and good/avg defense
1B 8/F  3b 0/K     1/3/0 br, 7 durability, low inj days
vLH 162/220/236 Av pwr
vRH 162/216/215 Fr pwr 

ATL Chavez - RP and can start 5 games, 9.6 K/9, still lots of usage left, no DFs, 4 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 61/111/90 no DFs
vRH 65/82/91 no DFs, lots of HGs

TB Cruz - a good DH card for a contender, been heating up for the Nets of late also
mainly DH, 1b 0/I    1/5/0 br, 7 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 127/156/219 Ex pwr 
vRH  93/134/190 Ex pwr 

WAS Escobar - good SS card if you have a need, good avg/obp with no HGs, low Ks
SS 5/G 2b 7/G   -  1/5/0 br, Vg bunter, 4 durability 0 inj days
vLH 143/178/197  Pr pwr
vRH 148/176/211 Pr pwr 

SEA Seager - solid/average starter/bench option at 3B if you have a need, Ex power, good defense and durable
3B 7/E     0/6/0 br, Av bunter, 8 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 72/103/160 Ex pwr 
vRH 68/117/172 Ex pwr

SF Duggar - solid CF/OF option with good defense
CF 6/E/-2  lf/rf 6/C/-2      2/8/0 br, 5 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 103/143/167 Fr pwr
vRH 108/141/197 Av pwr 

OAK Kemp - good avg/obp option at 2B/LF
2B 6/H  LF 9/E/0 ss 0/I-   3/9/0 br, 7 durability 0 inj days 
vLH  99/218/139 Fr pwr
vRH 128/215/199 Fr pwr

Can be discussed:

TOR Grichuk - versatile OF with good power
CF 9/G/+1 RF 9/E/+1  1/-3/0 br, 8 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 95/107/171 Vg pwr
vRH 91/101/153 Vg pwr

SD Pham - good OBP LF option who stands up for your teammates and fantasy disputes
LF/rf 8/G/0 cf 8/K0    2/8/1 br,  8 durability 0 inj days 
vLH  65/175/108 Av pwr
vRH  84/173/143 Av pwr

STL DeJong - SS with good defense and Vg pwr 
SS 7/D    2/7/0 br, 6/29 durability/inj days 
vLH   40/98/118 Vg pwr
vRH  49/109/134 Vg pwr

Good current RP cards:

HOU Graveman, minimal DFs, good K/HG range, 6 durability 26 inj days 
vLH 73/145/89 low DFs
vRH 45/103/53 no DFs

MIA Floro, no DFs, 7 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 88/141/102 no DFs
vRH 81/101/93 no DFs

HOU Stanek, good K range, 8 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 85/172/155 
vRH 51/130/77 low DFs

STL Reyes, 11.8 K/9 range, 8 durability 0 inj days 
vLH 33/154/79 no hits allowed
vRH 50140/86 low hits allowed 

Next year RP value:
SEA/DET Vest, HOU Montero, DET Jimenez, PIT Crowe

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