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Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 13:11:37 EDT 2022

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are well.  It's a little grey and cloudy with rain in Lake
Geneva, WI, but I'll take that over 90 degrees with humidity any day!

I'm still looking to improve my outfield situation, and I'd like to acquire
another good/great lefty reliever and possibly a righty too.  I would
potentially be interested in anyone that improves my offense no matter the

What I have to offer:

*Draft picks* - I'd prefer not to deal my first rounder, but I will if I am
getting something significant back for this year that has some future value
too.  I also have GTY #2, SDQ #2, GTY #3, KAT #5, and two sixth rounders +
late picks.

*SEA Kelenic* - You'll point to his bad starts in two years in MLB.  I'll
point to his age and prospect pedigree and tools.  I'm fine keeping him
because of that pedigree and the high chance that he turns into a great
player, but I will consider first-round value offers, whether pick or

*NYA LeMahieu* - 130/197/162 vL, 130/195/176 vR, 9/E range at 2B and 1B,
and can play full time at 3B too.  Low K's and durable, and could maybe
even swipe a couple bags from a pitcher not paying attention.  I'd only
deal him if I get a good multi-position IF back somehow.

*CHN Happ* - 27 years old, not a great card this year, but decent vR, Av/Ex
power, run 3, steal 9.  He's having a really good season in MLB, batting
.265/.371/.440 with 20-25 HR power, and looking like a 4-5 WAR player at
this rate.

*ATL Soler* - Not a very good card for this year, but Ex/Vg power and
durable.  Didn't have a great start in MLB, but is tearing it up in
May/June so far, looking like a 30 - 35 HR guy again and has his K rate
down to 25%, and so far looks playable in LF.  He's playing like he did for
Atlanta late last year again.

*SEA Lewis* - 26 years old, he was off to a quick start this year, on the
IL with a concussion now.  He's injury-prone so far, but a former AL ROY
with great tools if he can stay healthy.  This year's card is decent OBP,
Av/Av power.

*DET Hill* - Nice card for this year, not a ton of usage, 6/F/0 in CF and
6/D/0 in the corners for late defense.  142/160/208 vL, 114/142/164 vR,
2/8/5 run-steal-jump, and 44/Vg/3 bunter.  Mediocre this year in MLB so far
but he's only 26.

*DET Grossman* - Good OBP card and 9/F/+1 range in LF/RF, Av/Av power,
2/10/1 run-steal-jump, durable with few HG's.  Decent OBP in MLB this year
but not much else.

*COL Hampson* - OK vL, 9/D/+2 in CF, 9/F at 2B, late inning defense in the
corners of 9/B/+2.  3/8/3 run-steal-jump.  Part timer in MLB, killing
lefties, on pace to qualify next year in the playoffs vL too, so if this
keeps up could be a sneaky good card.

*LAN Rios* - .244/.293/.500 in MLB with 7 HR in only 90 or so PA's.  K''s a
lot but should be a good power card.  28 years old.

*DET Mazara* - For the gambler, he smashed it in the minors and has been
called up by the Padres.

*ATL Morton* - Not likely to be dealt, but 55/104/72 vL, 78/111/103 vR, low
DF, durable, 140-180 K's per side, low-ish BB's, no doubles on his card.
If I dealt him it would be for an exact need, and I'd have to find a good
SP somehow too.

*MIA Bleier, TOR Payamps, KC Brentz* - Pretty good RP cards all with
benefits and drawbacks.

Feel free to ask about other players too if there's someone you like, but
the majority of my rotation is staying intact, and I like my infield so far
for next year (as long as Bo turns it up)!


Brent Cunningham
Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club
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