[IBL] Rollbot Hates EVE More - PHI Suarez?

Patrick Gibbs pjgibbs at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 16:15:11 EDT 2022

After losing 8 divisional games this week, I have come to the
conclusion that Rollbot, despite what Brent has suggested, hates EVE
more than any other IBL team. This realization has led me to open up
to possible offers for PHI Suarez.

PHI Suarez - lhp

46/78/54 v Lefties
71/86/81 v Righties

No DFs

BF SP: 26
BP RP: 10

Durability: 6
Inj Days: Zip

I haven't thrown in the towel yet. EVE can easily win as many games in
the second half as we have lost in the first. The AC Wild Card race is
crazy and just about everyone has a shot - including EVE.

But . . . right now things look down for us and we'd be willing to
consider a proper offer. What do we want?

1st round pick, or a solid 1b, 2b, or SP for the next couple of years.

If you aren't certain about this now but think that Suarez might be
your missing piece later on down the road, reach out to me then if
he's still available and EVE continues to stink. I am in no hurry to
give up and get rid of Suarez. He'll be on an active roster long after
all the rest of the league's SPs are down with arm trouble.

Thanks, have a great All-Star Break, and may Rollbot be more gentle to
you than it's been to me.


"The citizens nourished their peaceful thoughts and plucked out their
hateful thoughts as one would tend a garden." - Journey Under the Sea,
R.A. Montgomery, 1979.

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