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Michael Neff tuneloon513 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 16:14:31 EDT 2022

I haven't thrown in the towel yet, but with my best player (Robert CHA)
limited to 52 PAs the rest of the season and my playoff contention
slipping, KAT is considering dealing some players and looking towards a
playoff run next season.  Here's what may be of interest...

SP Eovaldi BOS R - High quality SP (97/97/13 & 105/113/162) with tons of Ks
and a fair # of HGs.  //He's not been as consistent this season in MLB, but
still has value for the future//

RP Goudeau COL R - 60/122/118 & 39/105/85 with a lot of HG.  No future value

RP Enns TB R - 76/109/88 & 73/100/95 with lots of Ks.  No future value

Culberson TEX 3b/util - A very solid bench bat vs. LHP.  142/158/227 with
very limited HG and 6E defense at 3b

Meadows TB - Only 27 and injured a large part of MLB this year, his
80/132/155 & 93/148/215 with AV/EX power and 6F+1 defense in LF could be of
interest.  He should be easy usage next season and is on rehab assignment
currently, so I'm not looking to sell low, but could move him in the right

Moncada CHA - Similar to Meadows, he's only 27 and has been hurt & lacking
production in MLB.  His 103/184/154 & 113/211/181 line with 5E defense at
3b could help a contender, but I'm not going to sell low on him as well

I'm looking for picks (or pick upgrades) and most anything of value for
next season and/or beyond that isn't at 1b (Alonso NYN), ss (Swanson ATL),
cf (Robert CHA) or sp (Montgomery NYA/STL, Singer KC, Manaea OAK/SD,
Quantrill CLE, Hudson STL, White LAN/TOR, Lynch KC)

If you're interested in discussing, drop me a line

Mike KAT
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