[IBL] NJR looking to fill a couple holes

Mike Monostra monostram1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 18:30:15 EST 2021

Hi all,

Wanted to get a jump start on this offseason with cuts and the draft around
the corner. NJR plans to be competitive in 2022, but needs to fill a few
holes to complement some of our star players. We are looking for:

   - Full-time 1B
   - Either a full-time CF or full-time RF. SF Yastrzemski can play both
   positions full-time next year. I would prefer to keep him in RF, but am
   willing to discuss either position.
   - Full-time catcher. I'd prefer this to be someone who is a stopgap
   since we have SF Bart to (hopefully) take over in 2023.
   - #4-type starting pitcher

My preference is to keep the core of my team together, but I'm open to
discussing all of my draft picks, including my first rounders in both 2022
and 2023. Inquire within.

NJR Mike
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