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Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it)!

Congratulations to our conference champions, the Bowling Green Bandits and
Salt Lake Gulls!  They will now meet in the 2021 IBL Championship Series.

The Bandits advanced by defeating the Philadelphia Phantasm in six games in
the AC
Championship Series.  The series turned when Cody Bellinger threw out the
run at the plate twice in extra innings in game four.  Bowling Green ended
winning in the twelfth, then exploded for 25 runs in the next two games to
take the

The Gulls prevailed in six games over the Southern Kentucky Hilltoppers in
the NC
Championship Series.  Mitch Moreland hit four home runs and Jake
Cronenworth added
three to lead a powerful Gulls offensive attack.

Wild Card Round:
Williamstown Thunder 3-2 over Kansas Tornados
New Jersey Riptide 3-1 over Motor City Marauders
Philadelphia Phantasm 3-2 over South Florida Flamingos
Seattle Rainiers 3-2 over Canberra Redbacks
Salt Lake Gulls 3-1 over Baltimore Sand Crabs
San Diego Quakes 3-2 over Sparkle City Sluggers

Division Series Round:
Bowling Green Bandits 4-0 over New Jersey Riptide
Philadelphia Phantasm 4-3 over Williamstown Thunder
Southern Kentucky Hilltoppers 4-2 over San Diego Quakes
Salt Lake Gulls 4-0 over Seattle Rainiers

The playoff schedule, results, boxscores, and play-by-play are updated here:

Results from the AC and NC championship series have not been sent in yet,
will be posted as soon as they are received.

Thank you to Brent for organizing the draft lottery.  The draft order for
one of the 2022 IBL Draft will be:

1. SFP
2. ODM
3. CAN (deferred from 2021)
4. RRG
5. CAN
6. KAT
7. EVE
8. WMS
9. OXY
10. POR
11. BAL
12. SLG
13. MAD
14. SCS
15. SFL
16. SNH
17. PHI
18. MCM
19. GTY
20. SEA
21. SKY
22. NYK
23. NJR
24. SDQ
25. BOW

Before we ask teams to send in their off-season cuts, we need to have a vote
on two potential roster rule changes which can affect roster decisions.
I will send out the ballot in a separate e-mail, but these are the proposed

2022-1) Make 2021 temporary rules and 0.3.3 permanent (26 man
active roster).
rationale:  MLB appears to have permanently switched to 26 man active

2022-2) Change active/inactive roster limit from 35 to 36 players.
Requires multiple edits but the primary one is section 3.2.2.
rationale:  Keeps the number of inactive players consistent at 10.  Larger
MLB active roster results in more MLB players in the pool (assume this is
mostly pitchers).

Also, remember that this year we return to our normal rules in which
players take up a roster spot.

The Stadium Draft will be scheduled at some point during the off-season, so
about whether you would like to participate.

Unowned stadiums are currently:
CIN Great American Ballpark, COL Coors Field, DET Comerica Park, LAA Angel
of Anaheim, NYA Yankee Stadium, WAS Nationals Park

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