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Just a quick update -

I will consider dealing NYA LeMahieu instead of Merrifield, but he would be
quite expensive given he has one of the better cards in the game.  I'd
expect a #1 plus, depending on where the pick would likely fall.


Brent Cunningham
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On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 10:29 AM Brent Cunningham <
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> With the emergence of Jazz Chisholm and a .389 win percentage for GTY, my
> plans for this year and the future of GTY are changing a bit, so here's a
> new flier.
> *Available*
> KC Merrifield - 139/150/203 vL, 134/152/200 vR with Av/Av power, low HG,
> and zero K's, run/steal/jump of 2/10/2, 9 durability, 7/E/0 in RF/lf, F- at
> 2B, and can start in CF too, only 32 so should provide a few good years
> still.
> KC Soler - 80/144/188 vL, 58/145/139 vR with Av/Vg power, low HG, likely a
> DH because of his arm.
> PIT Bell - 64/102/103 vL, 100/117/160 vR with Av/Av power, low HG, 8
> durability, recent mechanics change has cut his K% from 31% to 12% since
> the change, his average is up 59 points since the change.
> WAS Eaton - 59/87/112 vL, 98/110/182 vR with Fr/Fr power, runs 2, steals
> 6, -2 arm in RF.
> SEA Long - His card isn't great this year, but he has 9/F defense at 2B,
> run/steal/jump of 2/7/1, so he'd make a great pinch-runner/defensive
> replacement.  Recovering from injury in MLB, but he's only 25 and has
> proven he can hit in MLB.
> MIA Brinson - 95/115/164 vL, 89/97/137 vR with Av/Fr power, run/steal/jump
> of 3/7/1, 5/F/+1 in RF/LF, and still only 27 years old.
> OAK Machin - Prospecty middle infielder that got off to a rough start in
> MLB this year
> ATL Morton - 109/150/166 vL, 133/156/168 vR, Vg/-1 hold, no DF against
> righties, and very low BB's, solid card to solidify your staff.
> WAS Lester - 100/123/162 vL, 114/134/211 vR, Av/-1 hold, durable innings
> eater/5th SP, should be similar next year.
> CIN Garrett - 38/109/104 vL, 69/105/193 vR, Av/0 hold, high K's, solid
> lefty RP, especially in a big park.
> MIA Bleier - 84/88/118 vL, 134/157/194 vR, Ex/0 hold, no DF, lots of HG
> (over 200 vL).
> I would consider dealing NYA Britton or LAN Baez, but I'm not going to
> discount for injury too much considering how fantastic their cards are for
> this year.  Feel free to ask about anyone else on my roster, but at this
> point the plan is to keep all of them.  SD Paddack is off the market for
> now since I didn't get any serious offers that were close to equal in value.
> *Needs*
> Draft Picks
> RF of the future if Whit/Soler/Brinson get dealt
> 1B of the future if Bell gets dealt
> 3B of the future although Longoria is better than league average at this
> point and having a little renaissance in San Fran.
> C of the future
> Possibly some RP help for next year
> Thanks,
> Brent Cunningham
> Owner/Manager
> Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club
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