[IBL] SDQ trade flier, looking for an SP, have RF, zoids and prospects

Larry Selleck lms4th at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 13:17:29 EDT 2021


Am looking for an SP, can be back end of rotation type, more interested in
some future value.

On offer:
- picks, level of pick will be commiserate with future value of SP
- TB (now BOS) Renfroe.  Ex/Ex power, RF G/-3 arm, otherwise fairly poor
IBL card.  After slow start in MLB 21, has .866 OPS over last 30 games.
- ATL Duvall.  Better card than Renfroe, not doing as well in MLB.
- PHI Knapp, C.  OBP zooid with 200+ on base per side.

Young prospects, pretty much all doing well in minors, mostly AAA.

- NYA Estrada, infielder ... now in SF minors.
- KC Vilora, C
- CIN Garcia, SS, he’s my most expensive prospect.

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