[IBL] POR July flier, RPs among players who should go

George Blas glblas7 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 15:34:09 EDT 2021

Here's the latest update on a trade flier. I am looking for SP with future value/SP pitching in MLB 21, in addition to any other useful future value with my poor start. I have lots of good RP cards here also. 

Players that should go sooner than later:

NYA Tanaka - SP, no injury days
vLH 92/97/197
vRH 120/127/199

KC Franco - 3B 5/F 1b 1/H (solid overall 3B card, playing 3B for Orioles)
vLH 134/159/210 Av pwr
vRH 121/144/202 Av pwr

WAS Cabrera - 1B 8/G, 3B 9/D (.241/.345/.397 in MLB mainly 3B, some 1B with DBacks)
vLH 105/128/228 Vg pwr
vRH 73/117/151 Av pwr

STL Fowler - RF 9/G/0, 3 BR - decent RF option, only have him since I need starts 
vLH 69/111/108 Av pwr 
vRH 94/150/163 vg pwr 

KC Holland - good RP, no DFs, lots of Ks and HGs 
vLH 58/75/87
vRH 63/106/101 

CHN Jeffress - good RP, no DFs, tons of HGs, Ex hold
vLH 31/109/42
vRH 27/126/35 

OAK Smith - good RP, low DFs, lots of Ks 
vLH 48/48/65
vRH 52/52/106

Players that maybe can go:

HOU Gurriel - 1B 9/E (MLB .325/.394/.504 line) - looking for good value or another 1B likely in this scenario 
vLH 117/123/212 Av pwr
vRH 99/109/162 Fr pwr

MIN Cruz - DH only (.305/.383/.574 in MLB, a great bat for the lineup this and next year)
vLH 171/230/348 Ex pwr
vRH 130/198/257 Ex pwr 

ATL Ozuna - great LF batting card
vLH 147/240/320 Ex pwr 
vRH 148/233/259 Ex pwr 

PHI Hembree - RP, the good is a strong WHIP (1.05) and 15.1 K/9 in MLB 21, the bad is bad card this year/DFs next year
vLH 133/210/372
vRH 158/206/416 

NYN Wilson - LH RP
vLH 91/144/103
vRH 139/190/148

ATL Wright - young SP prospect
vLH 80/184/172
vRH 88/163/168

NYN Porcello - SP, low/no DFs
vLH 138/148/163 
vRH 161/177/205

NYN Familia - RP, solid minus the BBs 
vLH 65/190/115
vRH 41/148/64 

SD Morejon - young SP prospect, injured for season in MLB 21
vLH 142/142/339
vRH 152/170/395

TEX Hernandez - good RP card, injured for season in MLB 21, almost no DFs, lots of Ks and HGs 
vLH 71/116/87
vRH 87/125/99

TOR Jansen - young C, could maybe go for an upgrade  C 5/F/0/Vg/0 
vLH 15/109/60 Av pwr 
vRH 30/136/81 Vg pwr 

Send any talks this way. Thanks.
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