[IBL] Additional usage appeal

Russell Peltz peltz38 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 17:48:49 EST 2021

I've received an additional usage appeal...SDQ did not realize that CIN
Lorenzen had been removed from his roster, and has filed a late appeal.

Lorenzen had both a pitcher and hitter card last season, and according to
our recent rule changes for Shohei Ohtani, such a two-way player needs to
make usage as both a hitter and pitcher.  Lorenzen made usage easily as a
pitcher (121%) but came up short of the required PA as a hitter.

For the following reasons, I am going to uphold the appeal and allow SDQ to
keep Lorenzen:

1) The Almanac, which SDQ was using to track usage, has not yet been
updated to handle two-way players, and failed to track Lorenzen's hitting
2) It would not have been difficult to get Lorenzen usage as a hitter if
the Almanac tracker was working correctly and had displayed that he was
coming up short
3) Lorenzen made usage easily as a pitcher, at 121% usage and finishing 2nd
in the IBL in appearances
4) Lorenzen won't have a hitter card in the 2021 card set anyway

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