[IBL] SDQ Trade Flier, 3B & C available for trade

Larry Selleck lms4th at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 06:51:15 EST 2021

Howdy all and Happy New Year!

I'm looking for a SS, and can trade any of the below and/or package with
picks (including SDQ #1 for next year).

Players available:

PHI Segura (30, 3B, 2B).  .769 OPS, good 2021 projections, average to
average+ defense.

MIA Alfaro (27, C). Covid casualty resulted in partial and poor season.
Highly thought of due to power and arm, expect him to bounce back in 2021.

CIN Barnhart (29, C, LH).  Bit of power and BB, NL Gold Glove, 36% CS.

NYN Ramos (33, C). Very good Vs LHP, 2021 projections close to 2019
numbers. Normally very good bat, currently a FA though I can see him going
to TB.

PHI Knapp (29, C, SH).  Backup C with .849 OPS (mainly due to .404 OBP).
Will not give away cheaply.

Most others also available (Duvall, Renfroe, Schoop, Hosmer).  You can ask
about Marte, Bregman, Lamet, Davies, Lynn ... But i will overvalue them.

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