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This newsletter has a lot of important information, so please read it all!

Here's the important points in advance:
- Carded player cutoffs for the 2021 card set will be 15 AB+BB and 10 IP
- Send your releases and usage appeals by Monday, December 14
- Carded player spreadsheet will be sent out to the league after releases
are processed
- Post season ballot will be sent soon to vote on next year's schedule and

All results and boxscores are in except for week 27 CAN at SFP, which should
be completed shortly.  Once it is in, I will send out final standings and

Congratulations to all division winners and Wild Cards!

AC East:       South Florida Flamingos (87-75), 3rd seed
AC Central:    Occidental Millers (103-59), won by head-to-head tiebreaker,
2nd seed
AC West:       Motor City Marauders (110-52), top seed
AC WC #1:      Bowling Green Bandits (103-59)
AC WC #2:      Monrovia Madness (94-68)

NC East:       San Diego Quakes (89-73), 3rd seed
NC Central:    New York Knights (103-59), 2nd seed
NC West:       Seattle Rainiers (111-51), top seed
NC WC #1:      Gettysburg Generals (94-68)
NC WC #2:      Sparkle City Sluggers (84-78)

The Bowling Green Bandits have won the AC Wild Card Series over the
Monrovia Madness
in dramatic fashion, rallying from down two runs in the ninth to win game
five on a
base clearing pinch-hit triple by Nick Ahmed.

Boxes and play-by-play here:

In the NC, the Gettysburg Generals took down the Sparkle City Sluggers in
four games.
Josh Bell was series MVP with five extra-base hits and 7 RBI.

Recap here:

The AC top seed Marauders have chosen to play the South Florida Flamingos
in the
Division Series Round.  The NC top seed Rainiers have chosen to play the
San Diego Quakes.

Will be continuously updated here:

The NC is the home team for this year's IBL Championship Series, so the NC
will use Playoff Schedule A.  The AC will use Playoff Schedule B.

Day     Schedule A (NC)                 Schedule B (AC)
2                                       BOW 4, MAD 0
3       GTY 3, SCS 1                    MAD 6, BOW 5
4       GTY 3, SCS 0
5                                       BOW 4, MAD 3
6       SCS 6, GTY 2                    MAD 26, BOW 8
7       GTY 8, SCS 5                    BOW 4, MAD 3
9       off                             SFL at MCM (n)
10      SDQ at SEA (n)                     SFL at MCM (d)     BOW at OXY (n)
11      SDQ at SEA (d)     GTY at NYK (n)     off             BOW at OXY (n)
12      off             GTY at NYK (n)     MCM at SFL (n)     off
13      SEA at SDQ (n)     off             MCM at SFL (n)     OXY at BOW (d)
14      SEA at SDQ (n)     NYK at GTY (d)     MCM at SFL (d)     OXY at BOW (n)
15      SEA at SDQ (d)     NYK at GTY (n)     off             OXY at BOW (n)
16      off             NYK at GTY (n)     SFL at MCM (n)     off
17      SDQ at SEA (n)     off             SFL at MCM (n)     BOW at OXY (d)
18      SDQ at SEA (n)     GTY at NYK (d)     off             BOW at OXY (n)
19      off             GTY at NYK (n)     off             off
20      off                             CC#1 (n)
21      CC#1 (n)                        CC#2 (d)
22      CC#2 (n)                        off
23      off                             CC#3 (n)
24      CC#3 (d)                        CC#4 (n)
25      CC#4 (n)                        CC#5 (d)
26      CC#5 (n)                        off
27      off                             CC#6 (n)
28      CC#6 (d)                        CC#7 (n)
29      CC#7 (n)                        off
30      off                             off
31      LC#1 (n)
32      LC#2 (n)
33      off
34      LC#3 (n)
35      LC#4 (n)
36      LC#5 (n)
37      off
38      LC#6 (n)
39      LC#7 (n)

For the 2021 card set, it is necessary to use lower minimum PA/IP cutoffs
to ensure
there are enough cards to fill out everyone's roster and provide an
adequate free
agent pool.

After analysis of the MLB stats and quite a bit of discussion, I have
decided that
the cutoffs will be 15 AB+BB for batter cards and 10 IP for pitcher cards.
This is
exactly half of the normal cutoffs.  So any player with at least 15 AB+BB
or 10 IP
will have a card.  Any player who does not will be uncarded (but remember
that you
may keep them for 2021 without them counting against your 35-man roster

This will result in approximately 509 batter cards and 490 pitcher cards,
which is
slightly lower than a normal IBL card set.  Over the past nine years, the
set has contained 544 batter cards and 495 pitcher cards.

The deadline for cutting players will be Monday, December 14.

Please send your cuts to transactions at ibl.org and not to the entire members

Please send in the players you would like to release.  Players who did not
usage will be automatically released.  If you have any players you would
like to
keep who were under 75% or over 133% and you think you should be allowed to
them, send me your usage appeal with your argument.  If your player is over
with injury credit, you do not need to appeal.

After releases have been completed and rosters have been updated, I will
send out
my annual spreadsheet of draft-eligible players with stats.

I will be sending out an important post season ballot soon.  This will
ballot items to determine the schedule and rules by which we will play the
2021 IBL
season.  Please keep an eye out for it and respond to it promptly.

Thank you Brent for organizing this year's draft lottery.  Here are the
results, and
the draft order for round one and all odd rounds.  Picks may be made
starting December
1st, but you may want to wait until I send out the carded players

Tier 0
KAT - 914
RRG - 735
SFP - 618
SLG - 490

Tier 1
SCS - 949
SNH - 790
ODM - 701
CAN - 700
SKY - 555
BAL - 425
EVE - 308
NJR - 234
WMS - 233
MAD - 119

Tier 2
PHI - 927
OXY - 747
SDQ - 740
BOW - 601
SEA - 527
NYK - 461
MCM - 442
GTY - 441
SFL - 248
POR - 140

The Stadium Draft will be scheduled at some point during the off-season, so
about whether you would like to participate.

Unowned stadiums are currently:
CIN Great American Ballpark, CLE Progressive Field, COL Coors Field, NYA
Yankee Stadium,
TOR Rogers Centre, WAS Nationals Park

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