[IBL] KAT final trade flyer (for contenders and non-contenders)

Michael Neff tuneloon513 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 19:24:41 EDT 2019

I've already moved several players and will consider a few more...

Castillo TB - very solid RP (43/98/92, 51/83/83) who can be an opener (20
starts available).  He doesn't have a ton of usage left (81 BF to 133%) but
can be an asset for the last few weeks and the playoffs.  He's serviceable
next season and only 25.  My bullpen next season is headed by Workman BOS,
Petit OAK & Britton NYA, so he can easily be moved or I can use him as a
middle reliever next year and hope he bounces back.

Montgomery CHN - Decent swingman (104/145/124, 126/158/160) who has 29
starts and 274 BF remaining (for 133%).  He has borderline value next
season and I'm not sure if I'll keep him so I figured I'd see if there's a
market for him.

Spangenberg SD - Now with MIL, he had a good season in the minors
(.309/.378/.498) and has gotten time filling in down the stretch for the
Brewers playoff run (.268/.288/.437) in limited time.  while filling in at
2b, ss & 3b.  He's 28 and I believe out of options for next season so he
could find a spot on a team next year.  I don't think I'll be keeping him
so if anyone is interested for a late round pick let me know.  He does
still need 64 PAs for 75%

Looking for picks or anything of value next year.... backup C, RH OF (LF/CF)

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