[IBL] Additional TRI cards available

Jed Rosenthal jedrosenthal at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 19:29:48 EDT 2019

Hi everyone,

I've traded some cards away, but I have some additional ones available:

SD Jankowski
Prototypical leadoff hitter or a defensive replacement for you.  D range in
the corner OF spots with strong speed (2/10/4).  No power but gets on base
vs RHP (129/183/170) - he's average vs LHP (99/150/119).

SEA Gordon
Another leadoff type hitter.  F range at 2B, strong speed (4/9/4), no power
and a balanced card 137/150/151 vs LH and 142/142/180 vs RH.

OAK Kelley
Relief pitcher that holds runners well (Vg/0 hold) and barely walks
anyone.  His issues are DF related mostly against RHB, but you can mitigate
that if you use him appropriately.  66/78/137 vs LH  62/62/156 vs RH.

ATL Vizcaino
Another relief pitcher that stymies the running game (Ex/-1 hold).
 76/146/127 vs LH and 70/108/125 vs RH. Traded to the Mariners while on the
DL after shoulder surgery - will be UC next year.  He's better helping your
team than mine.

DET Fulmer
Some DF issues but otherwise can be a useful SP card for you.  Vg/-3 hold.
 87/135/187 vs LHB 107/146/162 vs RHB.  Out for the season after TJS.

Every one of the above is healthy.

I look forward to hearing from some of you.  Thanks.

- Jed
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