[IBL] The SD Castillo Sweepstakes . . . or The EDG Trade Flyer

Patrick Gibbs pjgibbs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 16:28:17 EDT 2019


I think that it may be time for EDG to concede that it will not be
competing for the IBL championship this season and for me to enter into the
phase of management in which I try to offer up what little talent that I
have in my deck to you while trying not to get ripped off. The timing is
good because I think I am now just off exiting my trading probationary
period or will be off next week.

So, without further ado, I present to you the EDG trade flyer:

*SD Castillo – rp*

32/78/43 – 43/89/80

Yes, all y’all have been waiting for this. I think he faced 1 batter in MLB
this year before being shut down for the season, but look at the numbers of
this young gun’s IBL card. Young enough to have value down the road in IBL
and certainly someone to lock down a playoff or championship game.

My scouts tell me that he’s worth sitting on for all of next season, so
please if making an offer let it be something of genuine value.

*And the rest . . .*

*BAL Rickard – RF, LF, cf*

108/139/189 – 95/125/164

*Get him before the Sand Crabs do. *

*MIA Riddle – SS*

78/80/132 – 107/123/182

Batting under .200 in MLB this year. Consider him a salvage project.

*NYA Hicks – CF*

61/149/129 – 66/177/110

Yeah, not great, but also not bad. Runs 3, Stealing 11, Pwr Ex/Ex, and
8/F/-1. Decent, but not great value for next season.

*NYC Mesoraco – C*

81/153/143 – 82/127/153

Unofficially retired from MLB after a dispute with the Mets. Could provide
your other cards some good advice on their 401Ks!

*PHI Bautista – RF 3b, lf, 1b, 2b*

41/194/112 – 59/179/133

Bautista’s looking for a good home before being uncarded next year and
beginning the next phase of his life.  Oh, and he likes to get on base.

vL – 133-149 hr, 150-162 hb, 163-302 bb

vR 147-164 hr, 165-170 hb, 171-284 bb

*TOR Smoak – 1B*

72/142/126 – 78/177/172

He just wants to get on base.  Check this out vR 182-202 hr and 203-301
bb.  He’s on pace for even more bb this year in MLB. Another one who may be
ok in IBL next year coming off the bench.

*BAL – Castro – RP (SP-14)*

73/162/115 – 71/144/95

*Another one that you may want to pick up before he becomes a Sand Crab.
They seem to have an unhealthy love of BAL players.*

*PIT – Santana – RP*

                85/87/165 – 103/110/129

So . . . if you wanna talk, let me know.



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