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Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 19:08:19 EDT 2019

With the deadline coming up, I thought I'd throw this out there one more
time.  There's a lot of cards to like here for playoff contenders, and some
young guys that are available for teams looking toward the future.

I'm willing to package players for a better return.  Here's your chance to
> really solidify your position players and pitching for the stretch run and
> playoffs.
> I'm looking for draft picks, CF, SS, C, LF, and a 4th OF type.  Players
> I'm receiving must have future value (as soon as next year; I don't care
> about this year).  I don't want your chaff that you are going to waive
> after the season, and I'm certainly not going to trade playoff caliber
> cards (which most of these guys are) for 5th round picks.  Make a real
> offer if you want someone.  Yes, I have a lot of available players - my
> team is in flux and it doesn't make sense to not consider offers on a lot
> of guys.
> Players not listed here *could* be available, but are likely part of my
> future plans.  Catch me on irc or email if you want to discuss or continue
> discussions on anyone.
> *TEX Profar*
> 95/166/179 vL, 85/140/160 vR
> Av/Vg power, low HG, low K, 3/19/9 run-steal-jump, durable, 9/D at 1B, F
> at 3B, G at SS and 2b.  Not hitting great overall in MLB, but nice vL and
> still only 26 years old.
> *HOU Kemp*
> 115/175/164 vL, 113/191/182 vR
> Good low K hitter with 1/9/1 r/s/j, Vg bunter, and 9/D in LF/rf, 9/G in
> CF.  Part time player in MLB for the Cubs right now, versatile 2B/lf/cf
> next year in IBL.
> *SF Longoria*
> 103/106/192 vL, 105/112/ 185 vR
> Vg/Av power, low HG and K's.  Rough league average hitter in MLB this year
> with 20-25 HR power and 9th out of 62 with 200 innings in Fangraphs'
> defense rankings.
> *PHI Herrera*
> 133/145/191 vL, 106/128/170 vR
> Av/Vg power, low HG, 2/5 run-steal, 7/H/-1 in CF, 7/F/-1 in rf/lf.
> Suspended in MLB because he's an ass-hat, easy usage to get next year.
> *CHN Russell*
> 119/167/164 vL, 107/150/138 vR
> Low HG, 4/F at SS, low-ish K's, runs 3.  Was suspended in MLB, now in MiLB
> because he's and ass-hat, easy usage to get next year.
> *WAS Wieters*
> 74/162/122 vL, 85/132/124 vR
> Av/Av power, low HG, doesn't K a ton, but clearly not the best hitter card
> in the set.  10 HR in 147 AB's in MLB this year, and has a 44.4% caught
> stealing in MLB too.
> *CHN Lester*
> 104/151/175 vL, 105/144/165 vR
> Durable SP with 9/E defense and Fr/-2/2 hold/pick.  Average year in MLB,
> K's and HR/0 are both up just like every other pitcher.  Stupid high BABIP
> would indicate some bad luck.
> *TOR Reid-Foley*
> 67/179/146 vL, 91/167/164 vR
> Part time starter for this year, only eligible to pitch in 6th or later in
> the playoffs.  Minimal time in MLB this year so far, but in the rotation
> now.  Looks pretty good, just needs to bring the walks down.  Only 23 years
> old.
> *LAN Jansen*
> 73/85/154 vL, 76/94/181 vR
> One of the best RP's in MLB for years, has had a game a month in which he
> has struggled.  Similar numbers to last season, but HR's are actually down
> a bit, so card is on pace to be better next year.  I'm unlikely to deal
> him, but if someone makes a good offer will consider it.
> *LAA Alvarez*
> 77/110/112 vL, 90/136/123 vR
> Another really nice lefty RP card with only 5 deep flies on the card.
> Having an OK-not great season in MLB.
> Thanks,
> Brent Cunningham
> Owner/Manager
> Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club
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