[IBL] IBL at the Half Way Mark

Doug Palmer aeronutty43 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 18:48:31 EDT 2019

IBL 2019 at the halfway mark (or close to it)

Most have played 80+ games, so let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly
at the halfway mark of IBL19.

*The Good*:  MCM was the feel good story of the first quarter (and they’re
still going strong) but let’s look at the Knights of New York (NYK)!
Playing at a .700 clip, there is no stopping the Knights from the top spot
in the NC Central!  The team is a veritable Bash Brothers from top to
bottom with 6 players in double figures and 5 regulars batting over 300.
No easy outs there.  So you’ll out hit them?  HA!  Verlander, Berrios,
Foltin..Foltnn…Some guy for Atlanta with too many vowels in his name.  The
starters are set up for the playoffs and RELIEVERS?  Hader, Treinen, Yates,
Stammen…..there are no weak zones.  So how has SNH beaten NYK 4 of 6 so far?

Other good things

Ø  MCM keeps rocking but watch out for POR and George’s crew.  They’ll both
be in the playoffs.

Ø  PHI starts to distance themselves from BOW….but barely

Ø  The battle between NJR and COU in the AC East

Ø  The bloodbath that is SKY and SNH

Ø  BAL continuing to do it with smoke and mirrors and 19-6 in 1-run games

*The Bad*:  It’s not so much these teams are BAD, it’s more like they’re
good teams with BAD luck.  Last quarter it was MAD (and just look at them
kicking butt now!).  Here, it’s the SFP team.  What dog did Matt kick?  Or
mirror he broke?  12 players on the disabled….er….injured list.  Covey,
Bryant, Gordon (twice), Turner, Suarez….it’s probably easier to list who
ISN’T on the IL for them!!  And most of them pitchers.  Wow.  That’s just
scary.  Bad is the SFP injury list.

Other bad things

Ø  Poorly worded MIS instructions (I’m to blame on that one)

*The UGLY*: 12 players on the SFP injured list??????  OK, ugly……how about
LAD on pace to beat the Crabs losing 126 games in 2010 (is that the
record?).  If the 2010 Crabs played the 2019 Doyers…how epic would that
series be??  But LAD has a plan (more than can be said for the Crabs in
2010) so it’s a quick and short stay in the basement.  I guess the OXY team
batting average of .207 can also be considered pretty ugly.  .207? Back in
1972, the Detroit Tigers Tom Haller, in his last year in the majors, a
career .257 batter hit .207 in 59 games for a very, very bad Tigers team
(and there were many very, very bad Tigers teams in the 70’s).  .207...not
a good number.

Half way there….the crystal ball sees a NYK vs NJR IBL World Series.  With
NYK winning it all.  Let’s see how that turns out.

Good luck to all in the 2nd half!!
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