[IBL] MAD First Third Trade Flier

Chris Hartjes chartjes at littlehart.net
Mon Jun 18 21:11:01 EDT 2018

Back when I played simball in the late 1980's, there was a guy in the league who was a machine -- dominating play for years by continually building great teams. One of his strategies was dividing the season into thirds.

* the first third you figure out what is wrong with your team
* the second third you try and fix that via trades or tweaking player roles
* the final third you play as hard as you can to win as many games as you can

So as we sit at the end of the first third, MAD's playoff hopes are pretty much gone barring a miracle. Rollbot made sure of that by turning an above-average staff into the worst one in the league. We cast a sour eye towards IBL2019 and what can be done to complement a 99% likely Tier 0 pick. I have listed some assets I am willing to move and the value I have placed on them.

2nd round value: CLE Salazar, WAS Albers

3rd round value: TOR Leone, OAK Hendriks, DET Presley, SF Gearrin

Get in touch if you're interested.

  Chris Hartjes
  chartjes at littlehart.net

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