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Wed Jun 13 16:19:22 EDT 2018

The overhaul continues in Gettysburg, with MIL Suter, HOU Giles, CLE Smith,
and CLE Gonzalez all traded last week.

I still have the players listed below available.  I won't trade all of
them, but I'm going to have a usage crunch next year to find PA's for MIL
Brinson/PHI Herrera, PIT Bell/SD Hosmer, CHN Russell/TEX Profar, HOU Kemp.

I'm looking for youth and/or draft picks, and have long term need at SP and
C, and possibly LHRP.  I could also take on a short term SP and back up
SS...future value unimportant, so I'd be looking to spend minimally there.

*LAN Turner*
Max GP left, (Max 3B), 202 - 518 PA available
159 / 253 / 278 vL
141 / 228 / 225 vR
Vg/Av power, 1/7/0 run/steal/jump, Zero K's, low HG, and 8/E defense.  He's
only on this list because of the spectacularness of his card.  That's
right, it's so good gmail doesn't recognize the spelling of
spectacularness.  I'd expect an outstanding offer for Turner.

*MIL Brinson*
16 GP left in each of LF and CF, 42 - 73 PA available
Crappy slash lines this year
Only 24 years old, and needs more time to adjust to MLB pitching, but
already showing 25+ HR potential and his ceiling is sky-high.  The only
reason I'm listing him is because I have PHI Herrera (and CHN Happ if
needed and eventually NYA Frazier) in CF.
I spent a high-ish #1 on him, and wouldn't even consider dealing him for
less than very close to that.

*TEX Profar*
38 GP left, (19 LF, <= 8 at each IF), 33 - 73 PA available
I won't bother with slash lines but OBP vL is decent
Weak card this year, but easy usage to 75% (33 PA's), and he likely has
earned the right to stay up in Texas with a solid showing.

*PIT Bell*
Max GP left, (Max 1B), 274 - 635 PA available
89 / 128 / 179 vL
93 / 147 / 179 vR
Vg/Vg power, nice HR ranges, low-ish K's, and 6/F defense, only 25 years
old, on the list because of my 1B depth.  A little bit of a sophomore slump
in MLB, but I'm very confident he'll bounce back and justify the 1st round
pick I used.

*TB Longoria*
Max GP left, (Max 3B), 339 - 733 PA available
93 / 132 / 156 vL
123 / 148 / 196 vR
Av/Av power, 2/6/0 run/steal/jump, low K's, 7/E defense, and very durable
too.  Nice solid card if you are looking for a 3B.  Won't trade both Longo
and Turner.
Longo was my first pick ever in MLB, and it'll suck to trade him for
sentimental reasons, but he also got voted the "most likely player to go
next" in a recent team poll.

*SD Blash*
106 GP left, (36 LF, 54 RF), 98 - 211 PA available
77 / 186 / 123 vL
41 / 147 / 62 vR
Av/Av power, good OBP vL, low HG.  Mediocre card this year, absolutely
killing it in AAA with a .356/.453/.890 slash line and 10 HR in 83 PA's.
Should get a chance with LAA this year given the relative crapitude manning
their OF.

*OAK Powell*
69 GP left, (52 CF, 16 LF, 1 RF), 74 - 152 PA available
116 / 187 / 151 vL
136 / 203 / 182 vR
Very nice lefty bat and LF and PH card for your playoff chase, low HG, and
5/E/-1 defense in LF/RF for those late innings.  Fairly well-regarded
prospect, only 25.

*STL Brebbia*
86 GP left (RP), 211 BF to 133%
68 / 88 / 182 vL
68 / 81 / 155 vR
Quite a few DF, but should serve well in a bigger park.  130+ K's both
sides, and zero BB's.  Solid multi-day reliever.

*TB Boxberger*
56 GP left (RP), 144 BF to 133%
88 / 106 / 137 vL
75 / 118 / 148 vR
Close to 200 K's per side (253 vR), fairly low BB.  I nabbed him hoping as
a project guy hoping he'd bounce back in MLB, and so far it's looking like
a solid investment.  Good RP card to get you to the playoffs.

*PIT Benoit*
104 GP left (RP), 284 BF to 1335
84 / 140 / 152 vL
68 / 125 / 132 vR
Older RP presumably near the end as he isn't playing in MLB, but has a
pretty strong card and should serve well, especially in a bigger park that
can handle the DF ranges (which aren't completely ridiculous anyway).

If you are interested in someone(s) and want to discuss a trade, catch me
on irc or shoot me an email.


Brent Cunningham
Gettysburg Generals Baseball Club
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