[IBL] end of season calendar/procedure (PLEASE READ)

Sean Sweda sweda at ibl.org
Mon Nov 27 21:20:10 EST 2017

Since we've fallen behind on the end of the season we're going to push out  
the final deadline for cuts and slightly modify the procedure.

The deadline for usage appeals is at the end of the day Thursday (Nov 30).   
This weekend I will set up an automated process to release every player who  
did not reach their usage requirements (under 75%, over 133%).  If an  
appeal is granted players will subsequently be placed back on the roster.

Teams only need to send in the list of players they plan to release who  
remain on the roster after the automated purge.  The final deadline for  
cuts will be extended an additional week to Friday, December 8.

You can submit trades after the weekend roster purge, though they will not  
be reported until mid-December.

Make sure you send everything (appeals, cuts, trades) to  
transactions at ibl.org.

Thu, Nov 30 -- usage appeals due
Sun, Dec 3  -- rosters automatically purged of usage free agents
Fri, Dec 8  -- final day to submit releases for players not automatically  
Fri, Dec 15 -- first off-season Transaction report


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