[IBL] IBL: CAN IS OUT trade flier

Joel Roberts joelproberts at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 21:35:50 EDT 2017

CAN's playoff chances being pretty much none at this point, we are putting some of our players who could be of use to a contender on the block:
Hitters -- Lots of ex and vg power cards:
SD Schimpf 2B/3b 51/130/178 vg vL, 71/152/229 ex vRTOR Saunders OF 91/155/196 vg vL 85/149/176 vg vRCLE Napoli 1B 62/156/130 ex vL, 48/125/117 ex vRTB Franklin 1b/2b/ss/rf/lf 121/142/188 vL, 128/160/214 vR switch hitter, playoff eligible

Pitchers --  A good sp and some rp:SD Friedrich LSP 81/121/123 vL, 97/147/142 vRSF Kontos RRP 81/141/100 vL, 76/113/91 vRWAS Belisle RRP 74/76/94 vL, 130/130/148 vR
Also possibly MIN Polanco. He's a young switch hitting ss with a good card and he has recently been hitting up a storm, so his card may actually be decent next year. I'm still valuing him at the 2nd round value where I drafted him, but I have Swanson and Marte as well, so he could go in theright deal.
I'm not asking for a huge amount (except for Polanco), but some of these are good cards. I'm looking for picks (ideally trading mine up rather thangetting new ones I can't use) or cards with value for next year, with SP being of particular interest. 

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