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Robert Lennon rlennon at diggindeepsports.com
Fri Jun 10 11:28:15 EDT 2016

EDG is seeing the future, at least the short term future of the 2016 season, and it's not pretty, lol!

The Cannons are putting the following 'Win now' players are the trading block:

- MIL Davis: He can be a full time DH. He's got Ex/Ex power. 93/154/224 against RHP.  Stick him in your lineup for extra power of to help protect you best hitter. He's even got a 6 stealing rating. 

- PHI Ruf: Classic lefty Zoid card, and not PA restricted against LHP. He has Ex power and 114/178/209. If you need a platoon player, Ruffer is your guy

- PHI Galvis: Balanced card in 2016. Solid fielding SS who should have above average SS rating in 2017 as well. 

- LAA Murphy: Another well balanced card for this year. 136/155/190 vs LHP. 134/144/191 vs RHP. 

- TB Boxberger: Hard throwing back end bullpen arm that everyone looks to secure for a playoff push. He has 148 K's against LHB and 213 K's against RHB. 

- OAK Scribner: I see him as a very strong 7th inning guy. NO WALKS at all when unfatigued.  If you play in a pitcher's park, Evan could work out well for you. 

- SD Shields: Need a solid #3 or 4 guy to grab that last WC spot?  Good control and an innings eater. 

I'm on the fence about this last guy, but will move for the right deal...

- TEX Hamels: 82/129/110 vs LHB and 89/126/143 vs RHB. Tons of K's. Not a lot of BB's and DF's. He is as good as #2 starter as you will find on the trade block this year. 

Long story short, I need hitting prospects and draft picks.  Feel free to inquire within

Edgemoor Cannons

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